Scrcpy Download | Display and control your Android device

Scrcpy is a free and open-source mirroring tool that lets you open and run your Android smartphone as a standalone window on your desktop. With the help of this software, you can run all applications, share files, and complete tasks directly from your computer

Scrcpy is a popular app that has recently undergone an update. It offers tons of features and high performance, is compatible with different operating systems, and more!


scrcpy is an open-source, cross-platform screen mirroring application that allows you to control your phone using keyboard. It can be used to run apps, download APKs, and open media stored on the phone.

Scrcpy is a screen mirroring application for Android. It has been designed to control your phone using keyboard and mouse. It can be used to run apps remotely, download APKs and open media stored in the phone. Scrcpy is a must have app for developers who want to get the feel of how their app would work on a different device.

What is Scrcpy used for?

If you are constantly on your laptop, it can be a challenge to know when your phone is ringing. Scrcpy can help you stay connected with all things Android and enable you to work, access apps, download APKs as well as open and watch media files on the device. To connect your device, please open the panel on the left side of Chrome where you can enable USB debugging or set it up to mirror over TCP/IP.

Setting up Scrcpy can seem a little hard but once you’ve connected it with your desktop and monitor, you’ll be able to easily use the keyboard and mouse. The app can mirror your phone on a standalone window which is in full control like what you’re used to. You’;ll also be able to minimize it when not in use. Capture the screens on your phone in any orientation, share files, and more.

Pros and Cons of SCRCPY


  • Simply screen recording.
  • Upload video to drag and drop file sharing.
  • Works with/without connection by USB


  • A narrow usage for the majority of customers
  • The CLIs (Command-line Interfaces) are a little complicated for those who are not familiar with them.

Key Features

Scrcpy is more than a simple screen mirroring tool. There are many other great features in this application:

  • Screen Mirroring and Screen Recording. Scrcpy Wireless connection with devices
  • Run applications installed on Android
  • Share Files Across Android
  • Scrcpy multi-devices, USB debugging, or Scrcpy wireless
  • Controls for screen mirroring(read-only, screen off, show touches, etc.)
  • Different Scrcpy command and input controls for better performance

How Does Scrcpy Work?

How does Scrcpy work, or how to use Scrcpy on Android?

It’s important to understand the working of the software. When you connect devices via Scrcpy, it will execute a server on the connected devices. As a result, the client and server will communicate over a specific protocol to run the video on the connected device screen. The client(your computer/laptop) instantly decodes the video frames and shows them as your Android’s HD mirror. Whether you’re using Android with a mouse or keyboard, the client and server communicate to give you an uninterrupted session.

How To Set Up Scrcpy On Android

Software that requires rooting your Android device before installation is always tiring. With the open-source software of Scrcpy, you don’t have to root your device. Although a complicated start-up process once you know it, it’s very easy to install and run Scrcpy.

Download & Installation

Understanding download and installation is equally important to answering how to use Scrcpy on Android. You can download Scrcpy for Windows 10, Linux, or macOS with the simple method we’re going to share.

  • Scrcpy For Windows 10

Once you have downloaded the setup file, extract the files to the desired folder. That’s all you need to do on Windows 10.

  • Scrcpy For Mac

You can directly download Scrcpy on Mac from Homebrew. Therefore, you won’t have to download and extract folders.

  • Scrcpy For Linux

Downloading and installation of Scrcpy for Linux is similar to Mac. You can directly download and install the software using the Scrcpy command in the Linux operating system.

Enable USB Debugging

There is not a lot of work required in the case of Mac or Linux. The real task is enabling the USB debugging for running Scrcpy on Android. However, here is how to enable USB debugging on Windows:

  1. Get your Android phone and Enable the Developer Option. Turn on USB Debugging.
  2. Connect your phone to a laptop or pc with a USB cable. Once done, hit Shift and Right-click in the Platform Tools Software you had extracted from the downloaded file of Scrcpy.
  3. You will be asked to “Open Powershell here” to open a command window. Write ‘.\adb devices’ or ‘ .\adb.exe devices ‘
  4. Now authorize the ADB Connection on your Android and check ‘remember this PC’.

You’re all set to use your Scrcpy on Android.

How To Display And Control Android On PC With Scrcpy

You can display your Android on a PC and use Scrcpy on Android with two methods: USB and Wireless. Let’s discuss each.

With USB

Whether you’re using Scrcpy for Windows 10, Linux, or macOS, here is what you need to do:

Scrcpy For Windows 10

USB Debugging has been enabled, and now follow these steps:

  1. Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable.
  2. Confirm the USB Debugging permission on Android via pop-up.
  3. Run the Scrcpy on Command Prompt. That’s it! Now you’re seeing your Android screen on PC.